Girls Leadership Training – Day 1

The Girls Leadership Training at Janapriya Higher Secondary School has officially started!

After lunch the three groups of 20 girls and two EWN staff members went to different classrooms to learn some interesting new facts about communication. Together they figured out different ways to communicate and also realized how and why communication can go wrong sometimes.

Later, everyone met outside to play soccer. Even though it’s quite hot and humid in Pokhara these days, most of the 60 girls were unstoppable once they got into the game. All EWN staff members were thankful for their new whistles that helped them minimize the chaos.

It was a great way to start off the GOAL- programme and we hope that the girls at Janapriya Higher Secondary School stay as enthusiastic and interested for the upcoming 7 months!

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Some pictures of an afternoon filled with activities and fun:




ausschnitt soccer DSCN7014ausschnitt soccer 2





ausschnitt goalie

English course with Susie Anstey

Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN) organized an in-house two week course of English conversation classes for guides and assistants of 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking. This advanced refreshment training course focused on many topics related to trekking, culture and religion, cross-cultural communication, leadership, how to handle complaints, good customer service, etc. During training, participants had lots of opportunities to share their trek experiences through individual reflection, role plays, group work and presentations.

EWN is grateful to Ms. Susie Anstey for her time, dedication and effort to help our trainees become more informed guides and assistants. We are also very proud of all trainees for their active participation and contribution to making the training successful!



DSC06849 ewn class 002


011012 014 018 019 020


ewn class 013ewn class 009