EWN”s Children Home Program, Pokhara, Nepal

EWN’s Children Home Video by Bruce Roberts:


Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN) is an NGO based in Pokhara, Nepal.  They founded a children’s home, on the shores of Fewa Lake,  which gives 15 girls, from remote villages,  a place to live and a chance at a good education.  The home is funded in part by International Donors, but mostly by  their sister organization 3 Sisters Trekking.

 After my first visit to Nepal in October 2012 I became interested in the quality of care provided by orphanages and children’s home.  I volunteered my time and expertise for 3 months as an independent  researcher to assess whether the children were getting the best care possible.  The level of cooperation I received from Archana Chhetri, Lucky Chhetri, and Tara Upreti exceeded my expectations.  I asked difficult questions and accumulated more than 50 pages of notes.

 I concluded that the girls indeed had good nutritious food, a safe and comfortable place to sleep and were enrolled in good quality private schools.  In addition I reviewed 3 years of financial statements with the help of a Chartered Accountant in Canada.  We concluded that the largest donors to EWN, over the 3 year period, were in fact the 3 Sisters Trekking.

 In May 2013 i paid a surprise visit to the home and asked the founder Lucky Chhetri to give me a tour, not only of the home but to the private schools where I met the principles and the teachers. These children now have access to science labs and computer labs that are unheard of in their home villages.

 Many times I reflected on my own experience growing up in a middle class family in a big North American city. If families did not have the money to properly house or educate their children there was never an independent organization, similar to 3 Sisters / EWN,  who would come to their rescue. Yet in a developing nation like Nepal that is exactly what 3 Sisters / EWN do.  They give worthy children with no other means of support a reasonable chance to realize their full potential.

 The 3 Sisters / EWN Children’s home is a success story, something all of Pokhara, and indeed the rest of the world should be proud of. Bravo 3 Sisters, Lucky, Nicky & Dicky

 And a special thank you to Archana Chhetri, Project Manager at EWN.  She handled all my difficult questions with a sense of urgency, and professionalism that was exemplary.  Where there were improvements to be made, she made them without delay.  Well done Archana.  EWN is lucky to have you.

 All these 15 young girls have a real chance at a better life because of all your work.

 On their behalf ….. Derai Derai Dhanybad … thank you !

 Bruce Roberts MBA, Vernon B.C. Canada


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