Girls Leadership Programme – Day 2 and 3

We’re already three weeks into our Girls Leadership Programme and everyone is having a really good time. Last week’s session was all about peer pressure. With some role plays and discussion about everyone’s experiences with peer pressure and some tips on how to make your own decisions, the lesson went by quickly and after that it was time for badminton.

We would like to thank one of our trekking guide trainees, Chitra Rai, who volunteered to assist with the programme and who was a great help.

This week we took the time to make the girls fill out the GOAL registration form created by Women Win, which will help to see how much girls know about certain subjects that will be taught during the Programme, but also tells us more about their background and their self-confidence.

Eventually it will help us analyze the progress they have made.  Thank you to our independent external evaluators Mr. Prem Kunwar and Mr. Indra Rai for facilitating the questionnaire for the girls.

After that it was again time for some sports: badminton and volleyball

We are looking forward to next week when we will have some professional trainers who will join us for the sports session!


DSCN7448 DSCN7449DSCN7462 DSCN7463DSCN7465DSCN7472


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