Girls Leadership Training Day 4

Today the clothes were ready for distribution! Each girl received a new set of sportswear including a shirt, shorts and shoes!

Now everyone, including our EWN staff is fully equipped to get out there and play sports. A big thank you goes out once again to our donors who made all of this possible.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to play in our new outfits yet. The monsoon had turned the soccer field into a lake so we decided to watch a movie about peer pressure, bullying and how to deal with it instead.

We also had a lesson on how to say “No” and be assertive with language as well as body language. The practice went very well and the Nos were assertive indeed as you can see in the picture below.

Thanks to all the participants for another great Girl Empowerment Session!


ausschnitt watching movie DSCN7597 DSCN7590 DSCN7582 DSCN7581 DSCN7560 DSCN7547


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