A Day about Buddhism

Last Thursday some of the trekking guide trainees and the older girls from the children’s home went to visit three buddhist monestaries around Pokhara.

The tour was led by Indra Nar Bahadur Rai, one of our guides at 3 Sisters Trekking, who volunteered to share his immense knowledge of Buddhism with us. He explained what all the mandalas, pictures, prayer flags and statues mean and that there are different kinds of Buddhism.

He also told us the story of how Prince Siddharta became Buddha and had an answer to every question that was asked. Not only did we learn a lot, but we also had a really fun day and the weather was on our side

Thanks to everyone who joined us on our excursion and a special Thank You to Indra Dai!


DSCN7662 DSCN7687 DSCN7701 DSCN7708 DSCN7710 DSCN7725 DSCN7727




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