Girls Leadership Training Day 7-9

Day 7- Gender and Work:

Our session on Gender and Work made it clear how traditional Nepali culture has defined work on the basis of  gender. From our discussion it was noted that even though women worked extremely hard they have limited  decision making power. While looking closely at gender and work, all the girls agreed that in today’s world most of work that men do can be done by women and vice versa. The work undertaken by women Gender in Nepal is changing with time, need and circumstances.

Sports undertaken today included football and badminton.

DSCN8337 DSCN8338 DSCN8366 DSCN8371 DSCN8395

Day 8- People and Things:

This session was about exploring the relationship between power over people and possessions. Through some lively discussion and class activities the girls learned about tolerance and speaking up for themselves and the value of treating themselves and others with respect and dignity.

Today’s sport involved teaching the girls various rules and skills of playing basketball.

IMG_0383IMG_0443 IMG_0405 IMG_0420 IMG_0433 IMG_0451

Day 9- Leadership:

Today’s class focused on what makes a good leader. The girls were asked to identify  local, national and global leaders from all walks of life and to list three qualities that they possess. Later the facilitators gave examples of three world leaders and shared their work. It was noted that leaders are not always politicians and any individual including each girl on the course has the power to become a good leaders.

After class we played a leadership game followed by sports that included running and basketball.

IMG_0662  IMG_0678  IMG_0711 IMG_0717


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