Mountaineering Training, 2013

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hillary

On behalf of EWN and 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking, I want to wish our trainees and staff Ms. Shantikali Rai, Ms. Manu Gurung, Ms. Indrakala Rai, Ms. Indradevi Rai, Ms. Anita Rai, Ms, Salina Basnet, Ms. Balu Paudel, Ms. Futi Sherpa and Ms. Durga Rawal our very best for a mountaineer training course to Nemju Himal 6404 meters. We want to thank the support  team of Sherpas and porters assisting the training. Finally, a big thank you to SALEWA for their continued financial support.


IMG_4262 IMG_4351

IMG_4338 IMG_4303

IMG_4295 IMG_4289

IMG_4283 IMG_4296

IMG_4341 IMG_4286





2 thoughts on “Mountaineering Training, 2013

  1. Sarah Thomas

    Congratulations for another year of Empowerment for women and girls…transforming the future of Nepal for now and future generations! Thank you!

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