Girls Leadership Training – Day 16 &17

EWN is very grateful to be back in action with the Girls Leadership Program. On November 29th, we invited Mr. Prem Sangden and Mr. Shankar Nepali as guest speakers for the Girls Rights class. During this session girls learned about  the different  legal  articles that protect and promote girls rights in Nepal and abroad. For example, it is illegal to discriminate on the grounds of gender and race and the girls were made aware of  this.  They were made aware of the dangers of child abuse and given indicators how to protect themselves.  At the end of the session pamphlets were handed out with contact numbers and addresses so the girls could be sure of help and support  if needed.

IMG_3974         IMG_3969          

IMG_3967        IMG_3966

On Dec 6th, We discussed Paper for Life. We talked about different kinds of paper work needed through out their life. This included birth certificate, citizenship, school leaving certificate and marriage certificate. We showed them how to obtain this paper work, the different offices to visit and the forms that must be completed.

IMG_4426        IMG_4432

IMG_4418        IMG_4447


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