Girls Leadership Training – Day 18 & 19

We are now following the 3rd module of the GOAL curriculum and it’s about Being Healthy. Our first class included body image. The main objective of this session was to help girls understand their body parts and functions  so  they feel strong, comfortable and in control over their body.

We started with a simple activity where we asked the girls to sit in a circle with their eyes closed. One of the facilitators led the session where she explained to the girls that she would name a body part and they had to touch them accordingly.

During the exercise it was very interesting to observe that when it came to touching breasts, hips, buttocks and their sex organs girls did not feel comfortable. There were some giggles; some touched something else while some did not touch anything.

After the activity girls were asked to share how they felt and here is what some of the girls had to say. “I only knew my body parts from looking at the mirror, but after this exercise I know more about my body parts for example its shape, structure and how it feels.” “I always believed that I was not beautiful but after this exercise I feel that I am beautiful.” “After this exercise I feel that our body and body parts have a very strong relationship.” More discussion questions were raised where the girls were asked why it is important for women to feel comfortable about their body.  After a fun session girls played football and relay race.

  IMG_4534  IMG_4526

  IMG_4529  IMG_4530

  IMG_4539  IMG_4563

On 13 December, we invited Mrs. Roma Shakya, a local expert in Women’s Health. Today’s session was on menstruation and conception where girls had opportunities to learn about the menstruation cycle and the conception process. Mrs. Shakya explained about basic health and hygiene during menstruation and the importance of including iron and protein  food.

The girls were very curious and felt comfortable asking Mrs. Shakya  questions. Today the girls played football and relay race.

IMAG2306    IMAG2312

IMAG2310    IMAG2315


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