Girls Leadership Training – Day 20, 21 & 22

Dec 20: Girls were told about the different types of contraception available in Nepal, their advantages and side effects. As sex education is not a part of Nepalese curriculum this topic was very informative and useful. Unfortunately due to rain we had to skip our sports session

IMG_6814     IMG_6805

  IMG_3236                                     IMG_6812

IMG_6805       IMG_3247

Dec 27: In today’s session Ms. Roma Shakya an expert in Women’s Health spoke about HIV and AIDS, the difference between them, how AIDS can be prevented and transmitted.  There was a practical demonstration of how to use a condom.  After class girls enjoyed playing volleyball in the sun.




Dec 28: Today’s session was hands on. Girls were provided with magazines and other art supplies. They were given a project called “Real Beauty” where they as a team had to come up with their understanding of “Real Beauty.”All groups made three posters very beautiful and different which they shared with the class. It was very interesting to observe how physical beauty was not the main theme of their posters but an overall compliment of natural and physical beauty. Their choices were surprising and included an appreciation of inner beauty, social service and a good heart. One of the girls wrote “people don’t become a real beauty with a pretty face, inside talent and skill make a real beauty.” Girls continued their volleyball session.

IMG_9754      IMG_9764

IMG_9757      IMG_9775

IMG_9719      IMG_9748


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