Girls Leadership Training – Day 23 & 24

30th Jan 2014 – Today’s session was about human trafficking. For this workshop we showed the students a very moving film about an innocent village girl who was lured in big dreams and eventually trafficked to India. After the movie we had an interesting discussions based on the movie exploring what were/are some of the reasons why girls and young women are trafficked, different reasons for being trafficked, who is responsible and how we can protect ourselves and others from being trafficked. Some facts related to trafficking and organizations working on addressing human trafficking were also provided to the students.


31st January 2014 – Today’s session was about money and saving. We learnt about its importance, our needs and how to use our money efficiently. During discussions a group of seven girls told us how they collected NRS. 5 every day and at the end of the week one girl took the total amount, they rotated who took the money each week and used it to cover their personal expenses. One of our volunteers introduced the girls to dodge ball which everyone really enjoyed.




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