Girls Leadership Training –Day 27

28 Feb 2014: Today was the last day of our class session for the GOAL program. A very powerful and appropriate documentary, “Girls Rising”, was shown during class, which was then followed by rich discussions. During discussion, the girls themselves shared with others the power of education to improve their lives, and to reach their dreams and full potential. After class, they offered positive affirmation such as, “I am beautiful”, “I will attend school and go to college”, “I am not afraid”, “I will speak up for my rights”, “I am strong”, and “Nothing is impossible.” For all the staff at EWN, this program has been extremely rewarding. The response from the girls suggests that it has been effective and we have all had fun working and playing together.

IMG_0614   IMG_0632

IMG_0637   IMG_0638

IMG_0651   IMG_0665

IMG_0686   IMG_0682

IMG_0697   IMG_0709


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