LIGHT MY FIRE Girls Leadership Training (GOAL)

The third and fourth week of Girls Leadership Program (GOAL) covered two modules Be Empowered and Be Money Savvy. Topics covered during these last two weeks included Human Trafficking, Child Rights, Paper for Life, Violence Against Women, Budgeting, Saving and Goal Setting. For the “Violence Against Women” session, we invited parents-  3 mothers, one sister and one father attended. They expressed their gratitude and said how this program had made positive impact in their children’s lives.

We are very grateful to our guest speaker for sharing her experiences running a small tailoring shop in Pokhara. As part of this training course we also took our participants for four onsite visits, businesses operated by women in Pokhara. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and see first-hand how women are successfully running businesses. Such exposure has inspired students, sparked interest in career planning and caused girls to start thinking about business possibilities. All our guest speakers and field exposures were provided in response to previous feedback from our participants. Our guest speakers and field exposures provided participants with the following important messages” They include:

  • If you want to open a business one need to have a plan and some financial resources beforehand
  • Start small
  • Be creative, work hard and be patient
  • It will take at least one year before making a good profit
  • Observe other people with similar businesses as a way to improve your business
  • Find the most appropriate place to open your business
  • Practice your skill and have good customer service skills
  • Manage time and give importance to work
  • With skills, one can survive even in the most difficult time

Following the lessons, girls played volleyball and badminton.

Evaluation forms were completed by all participants.

General observation about the class: Compared to the first two weeks, the girls have definitely opened up to the facilitators. They are more confident, happy and active in class and in the sports field.

Our closing was followed by an informal picnic and a friendly girls volleyball match between our trainees from Janapriya Higher Secondary School and Nava Prabhat Higher Secondary School. We are extremely grateful to our donor, Light My Fire (LMF), for providing the funding needed to conduct our second Girls Leadership Training (GOAL) at Nava Prabhat Higher Secondary School. On behalf of the participants and EWN, I want to offer LMF our gratitude for your most generous financial support. Your guidance and feedback is appreciated! Finally, a big thank you to our team of facilitators Ms. Tara Upreti, Ms. Isha Pathak, Ms, Ekshana and Ms. Dipjaya Karki and to our volunteer friend Alexandra from France.

Kind regards,

Archana Karki

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