GOAL Nepal (Girl’s Leadership Program) 2014-15

On Friday, August 15th, each girl received a new set of sportswear including a shirt, shorts, shoes and socks.

After lunch, we formed four groups, each of which consisted of 20 girls. Two groups were at the Shree Krisna secondary school and two were at the Gyanbhumi secondary school.  Each group was led by a staff member from EWN.  There were also four assistant facilitators from previous goal programs.  Each group, with their leaders, went to different classrooms to learn some interesting new facts about communication. Together they figured out different ways to communicate and also realized how and why communication can sometimes go wrong.  They leanred the importance of communication to our daily lives.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to play in our new outfits yet. The monsoon had turned the soccer field into a lake so we decided to do some indoor activity related to communication skills.  The afternoon ended with demonstrations of personal talents, such as singing  songs, telling jokes and stories, and comparing themselves to things in nature such as mountains and rivers.


DSCN0942 DSCN0948 DSCN0951


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