GOAL Nepal (Girl’s Leadership Program) 2014-15

On Friday 19th September, our topic was “Conflict Ladder: Dealing with Conflict”. With the input from the facilitators, girls were able to understand the concepts behind “Conflict Ladder”. Many girls shared their personal experiences and how they addressed the issues involving conflict which made the session very interesting. Finally, our Peer Leaders concluded the session and led the sports session.

On Friday 12th September, we had a session about “Peer Pressure and Learning to Say NO”. For this session we used role plays, Q & A, group discussions and personal experience sharing to help them understand the issue better and how to be assertive in saying NO. We also made the young women participants understand that not all peer pressure is negative. Some peer pressure can also be positive and can help us to become better human beings and help us to achieve our goals and dreams in life. Today for the sports session, we played many fun individual and team games. Winners were awarded with small prizes. Everyone enjoyed the class and the games session. On the same day, we were very excited to welcome our visitors from Australia, Germany, Netherlands and the USA to attend our sessions.

On Friday 29th August: Today’s topic was about “Say it with Silence”, an additional course related to communication. Different groups were formed to do an activity based on the course. The moral of the topic was if we make the effort to speak to people then we will have a clearer understanding of their perspective and can sort out all the barriers, miscommunications, misunderstandings and anger in an effective and non-aggressive way.  Unfortunately, due to rain we did not have our sports session.

IMG_9573IMG_9634IMG_9588 IMG_9612 IMG_9598 IMG_9591


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