Magic Bus Refresher Training for 3 Sisters Adventure Staff

On the 28th and 29th of September 2014, senior staff members from 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking participated in a refresher training run by the Magic Bus Centre for Learning & Development, a visiting NGO from India.

The training covered:

  1. Refresher of previous training topics;
  2. Trekking health and safety;
  3. Community mobilization; and
  4. Sport 4 development (S4D).

EWN’s goal is to reach a broader community of children (boys and girls), and this training will assist us to achieve this goal in the future through collaborate community mobilization efforts. For example, EWN currently works in partnership with local schools, but there are many sporting fields in the community where the GOAL program (implementing life skills training and sports sessions) could be useful for reaching out to more children outside of formal institutions like schools. We believe that operating in these community spaces will target particularly disadvantaged children who do not have access to education and schools (eg. street children, children with disabilities, children who have to work to support their families).

We would like to send out a huge thank you to Mr. Rehaman and Mr. Aman from the Magic Bus for inspiring us to continue our personal development and goals for community engagement!

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