GOAL Nepal (Girl’s Leadership Program) 2014-15

On 7th Nov, The Topic on that day was ‘GENDER AND WORK’.  At first, we discussed with the girls subjects related to gender and work and the girls share their point of view on this matter. After this discussion, we started our regular class. The topic helps them to clear about traditional differences between men and women. Like a man, woman can also work outside the home. With the change of time, there are lots of changes seen in the women and nowadays many women are having different jobs than only being involved with the housekeeping and earning income for the family.

At this time, we allowed our co-leaders to take a class with our guidance. We taught techniques and skills of chest pass for the Netball game to the girls.

On Friday 31st October, we revised all session which was conducted before festival holiday. We divided the girls into two groups. We used fun ways to conduct quiz competitions where the girls had to pass balls to each other and hand over to the peer leader if they know the answers. In the true and false we asked the girls to make sounds of the animals in a group and it was fun and all participated well. Winners were awarded with small prizes. For the sports session, the peer leader lead the group with warm up and after we practiced chest pass to make sure the girls were doing correctly with their hands and legs. Everyone enjoyed the class and game session.











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