GOAL Nepal (Girl’s Leadership Program) 2014-15

29th November 2014: Today’s session was on “Who Am I” and “What I Can Do” in life. For this we used a new technique called story massage with the help of Mary Atkinson, an expert on story massage from the UK. Students were paired and they asked each other questions, such as basic information, personal qualities, etc. Facilitators asked the girls to close their eyes and think of one thing they do best, as well as: What they see themselves doing in the next 3 years? Will they be studying or working? Where they see themselves in 15 years? It was very positive to hear that many girls saw themselves studying in the next three years. In the next fifteen years, some of them said that they will be working, some said they will probably be married with a family and a few of them showed interest to become facilitators like us and work with children.

During class, we played a few energizers. For our sports session we practiced netball passing skills.

On Friday 5th December 2014: Today we completed our first module “Be Yourself”. We did reflection in class about the sessions we have covered. We asked girls to draw and write about what they remember or learned about Peer Pressure, the Conflict Ladder, Leadership and Gender.

We did a light stretching exercise and girls played badminton.

On Friday 12th December 2014: After reading the reflection from the first module, the facilitators felt that there were a few topics that girls needed more clarification on. So rather than moving on to next module, we all gave revision sessions on all topics. We used simple fun games to explain the topics.

Lee, our EWN volunteer, led the sports sessions with games like dodge ball, monkey in the middle and momo’s and mountains. Girls continued to play badminton.









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