GOAL Nepal (Girl’s Leadership Program) 2015

EWN has successfully completed the entire Be Yourself module of the GOAL curriculum in the Shree Hansa Bahini School located in Tanahun. The gender and work component of this module has been completed in the Shree Barahi School located in Pokhara. These modules help the girls learn of their capabilities and their true attributes. They also learn how to respect others and show responsible behavior while maintaining their self-esteem. The girls learn about peer-pressure and how to deal with it, they explore the potential for gender equality, and they develop creative thinking capacity. Although some students were not interested in the class at the beginning, they are now actively participating with a positive attitude.

After completing these discussions, the girls go outside and participate in sports.  A sport coach is currently teaching them the basics of volleyball and badminton. They are actively participating, enthusiastic and always willing to learn more.

Beginning next Friday, we will be starting the Be Healthy module in the Shree Hansa Bahini school.


IMG_0293 IMAG2743 IMG_0203 IMG_0208 IMG_0212 IMG_0214 IMG_0296IMG_0300IMG_0305IMG_0306IMG_3515



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