Boys Leadership Camp

EWN is very excited to offer our first ever “Boys Leadership Camp” to sixty boys at the Janapriya Higher Secondary School. As this is our pilot project, we were unsure how our team would handle working with teenage boys. However, after delivering two sessions here’s what our coaches have to say, “ it’s great to work with the boys, they have so much energy”, “They make so much noise”, “All participate and want to speak and mostly importantly they want to play sports”.

A big thank you to Women Win from the Netherlands for providing and introducing us to the hands-on GOAL event curriculum, to Lee our volunteer from Australia for helping us to understand the GOAL event sessions and to our dear friends Sandy, Wendy and two clients of 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking who donated and made it possible for us to organize this new initiative within EWN the Boys Leadership Camp.

We feel that this programme and programmes like this will be of great benefit to these boys particularly in light of the recent earthquakes in helping with their healing process giving them something positive to focus on and specifically channel their energies toward understanding themselves and others whilst learning and enjoying sports.












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