Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN) Earthquake Relief Effort Report 2015

On 25th April 2015 a massive earthquake of 7.8 hit Barpak, Nepal, this was followed by many big aftershocks and further earthquakes on 26th April and7.2 on 12th May.

According to the relief web link: http://reliefweb.int/report/nepal/nepal-earthquake-2015-situation-report-no20-3-june-2015. In brief 2.8 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, 864,000 people in hard to reach areas need immediate assistance and today to date there has been 8,702 deaths reported.

Immediately after the first earthquake our team started to make enquiries from friends and who were on the ground in some of the most heavily affected earthquake districts. In addition, a team was sent to conduct a field assessment in the Dhading district with some relief materials which included tarps, blankets, food, clothes, mattresses and medicine.

It became clear that shelter was the number one need of the people with many villages having dangerously damaged or destroyed homes.

Based on this assessment and our communication with friends on the ground with relief work and local governments, we decided to focus our attention to providing tin roofs, nail pullers, hammers, shovels, and classroom and sports materials for the children attending public schools (who are studying under temporary learning shelters made out of tarps and bamboos).

Our relief work has been carried out in some of the major earthquake affected districts, namely Gorkha, Dhading, Kavrepalanchowk, Sindupalanchowk, Dolokha and Ramechhap. Although Kaski district (our local area) is not one of the most affected districts, from our visit to the Kaski District Education Board office, we were informed that 101 government schools in the Kaski districts are partially and or fully damaged.

With your financial support we were able to reach approximately 5000 individuals in these six districts.

  • In Gorkha district, our team delivered 40 nail pullers, 25 hammers and 25 shovels via the Karma Flights team.
  • In Dhading, we delivered 103 households (reaching approximately 515 locals) with tin roofs and nail pullers.
  • In Kavrepalanchowk, we provided 38 households with 30 bundles of tin roofs•
  • In Sindupalanchowk, we provided 74 households with 70 bundles of tin roofs
  • In Dolakha, (epicenter of May 12 earthquake) we provided 42 households with 31 bundles of tin roofs
  • In Ramechhap, we provided 30 households with 30 bundles of tin roofs. We also provided 15 bundles to Thosey Health Post. Based on a meeting we had with the Sacheev (Secretary of Thosey), relief committee team, government official heads, social workers and political party representatives the remaining 25 bundles of tin roofs were distributed among 9 schools via the Thosey Village Development Committee (VDC).

Additionally, 66 nail pullers were distributed in Kavrepalanchowk, Sindapalanchowk, Dolokha and Ramechhap districts and clothes were distributed in Magitar in Ramachhap.

Many of our staff come from these districts and have damaged and or lost their homes. EWN has been able to assist 13 staff with cash Nrs. 15,000 (approximately US$150) for the purchase of tin roofs for temporary shelter for their families.

We have also received a financial donation from the Indian Women’s Club from the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu. With this donation, EWN was able to provide 15 earthquake damage government schools in the Kaski district with essential teaching material and sports equipment.

With the remaining funds we will continue to support local government schools in the Kaski district and/or nearby earthquake affected districts by providing them with materials and volunteer EWN staff labor in meeting their continuing needs by providing a more substantial temporary learning shelters to help the schools remain open during the monsoon. And providing essential school supplies and offer Leadership Camps so that education can continue and help children heal from the fears and anxieties caused by the earthquakes.

Future Projects After Monsoon (October onwards)

  • Based on our field assessment, we have learned that many teachers and communities in the rural areas of Nepal lack a basic understanding of earthquakes. We would like to partner with any individual and or organization who are able to offer services to inform local communities and schools about earthquakes to dispel many of the myths and superstitions that the recent quakes have created.
  • We are planning to provide basic construction and masonry skills and knowledge to local masons and any interested youth to ensure that future construction in Nepal is in line with building safer more sturdy homes and schools.
  • For two years now we have been successfully running Girls Leadership Program in government schools and have recently piloted a boys camp. Further to the earthquake, we feel that this program could be developed and used in schools to assist in the healing of young people from the stress and trauma that they have endured in recent months. We are seeking to develop these programs and to train young community leaders to carry this forward.

We are still accepting donations to carry our current and future activities. Below is the EWN bank transfer detail.

Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN)

A/C # 01 0312363 01
Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited
Swift Code # SCBLNPKA
Lakeside Branch
Pokhara, Nepal

Western Union is an option. Please direct donations to:
Archana Karki Chhetri
Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN)
Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund
Khahare, Lakeside-6
Ph no. +977 61 462912

For friends in Europe please direct donations to

STF Friends of EWN
IBAN NL97TRIO0784750408
Zeist, the Netherlands

We thank you all for your ongoing support!

Kind regards,

Archana Karki Chhetri

Earthquake Relief Coordinator for EWN/3 Sisters Adventure Trekking



 Empowering Women Of Nepal  (EWN)  

Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund 2015

Fund Details:
S.No Donors Country Reference No.  Amount(NRs)
1 Ashok Karki Chhetri (3Sisters Family) Nepali Cash 50,000.00
2 3Sisters Adventure Trekking Nepali Cash 50,000.00
3 3Sisters Family Nepali Cash 20,000.00
4 Aravandi Muralitharan Australia 6650369903 19,110.00
5 Arvandi Muralithanran Australia 93700927 50,001.00
6 Barbara Lou Fenby IT00191505120089 20,430.00
7 Batoul Khalife (Qatari Rial 5000) Qatar MTCN:132-577-4827 139,165.00
8 Beverley Rousset ($ 300) Switzerland IT00191505110098 30,690.00
9 Camaran Pipes  ($ 200) USA 1248017204 20,116.00
10 Caroline Depalatis ($100) USA 5113793819 10,011.00
11 Catherine O Connor Ireland O469765333 70,106.00
12 Catriona Russell (£100) UK 4229254176 15,525.00
13 Catriona Russell (£200) UK 8126864478 31,155.00
14 Christine Readman’s friends collection (£1000) UK 77528890357 152,213.00
15 Christine Readman’s friends collection UK Cash 265,000.00
16 Consuelo and Sal Street ($200) USA MTC:894-539-3888 20,207.00
17 Coris MC Ginn ($280) USA MTCN:0112378851 27,939.00
18 Didi Project ($600) USA 5393501960 60,600.00
19 Dominique Louise Kerleaux Wintenberger Spain 5131243101 10,005.00
20 Dorothy Keeney ($500) USA MTCN:822-270-1490 50,439.00
21 Dorothy Keeney ($900) USA 7850143202          90,773.00
22 Elinor Smith($229)Trek Refund Australia 1649 22,442.00
23 Evalds Rimbenieks ($730) USA 798209704 73,359.00
24 Farina Karki Chhetri(Aus $ 200)(3Sisters Family) Nepalis MTCN:825-858-7069 15,269.00
25 Gary Fleener ($850) and friends ($150) USA and Peru IT00191505270078 102,200.00
26 Helga Steinmainer (Euro 200) Germany 2905227741 21,935.00
27 Indian Women’s Club(Indian Embassy Ktm) Cheque 261,600.00
28 Jeanne Costello($300) USA MTCN:475-559-4060 30,198.00
29 Jessica Morse($ 100) USA MTCN:692-286-4566 10,097.00
30 Keran Faye Dully (NZD 500) New Zealand 6914108922 34,869.00
31 Kristin Messer ($100) USA 1564677980 10,139.00
32 Laura Lierk ($200) USA 7250854157 20,203.00
33 Lee And Jessica Parke (Aus $500) Australian MTCN:837-163-8634 40,052.00
34 Magaret Bulter (£ 100) UK 8702992368 15,132.00
35 Manu Hirachan (CAFÉ 17) Nepali Cash 5,000.00
36 Maria Fernanda Carria($) Equador MTCN:8233636418 69,612.00
37 Mariella Pala (Euro 500) Italy MTCN:611-685-1287 56,312.00
38 Meera Fernandes (Aus $625) Australian 8354035729 51,350.00
39 Merleen And Berrie Peters Australian 7308441905 278,779.00
40 Mike Rechlin USA Cash 8,000.00
41 Mohammad Hassan Nawaz and Aminur Rahman USA and Bangladesh Cash 10,000.00
42 Neil Davidson($600) USA 5393501960 60,150.00
43 Paola Gianturco($500) USA 695039706 50,508.00
44 Principia College($2200) USA 6754611521 221,742.00
45 Puja Neupane USA 9223865539 60,420.00
46 Puja Neupane USA 5537948959 50,207.00
47 Puja Neupane USA Cash 20,000.00
48 Puja Neupane($900) USA 8560117408 90,808.00
49 Renai Christine McKinney ($1200) Australia 2265197830 94,089.00
50 Renuka Turrel l(Euro 170) Frances Stower UK MTCN:5894750290 18,848.00
51 Sangay Lhamo Dukpa & Party(Darjeeling) Indian Receipt No.377 6,500.00
52 STG Triodos Bank(Euro 7500) Netherland Bank 836,655.00
53 STG Triodos Foundation (Euro 12,500) Netherland IT00191505120089 1,422,250.00
54 Thomas Gordon($250) USA 6504581116 25,157.00
55 Tomomi Tsukahara (Yen 10000) Japan MTCN:7202173225 8,243.00
56 Wendy Nyquist($ 350) USA MTCN:553-333-0206 35,315.00
57 Wendy Nyquist($500) USA MTCN:692-278-3707 50,519.00
 58  Imagine Peace Korea  Korea  Cash  80,000.00
1 Evelyn Germany
2 Julie Rhodes Sanderude USA
3 Narine Kerelian-Frick USA 269-240-4409
Total Donation/Fund(A)     5,471,444.00


Total aid and supplies:

Particulars Amount NRs.
 Aid and Supplies:
 Dhading 1st Trip:(May 7, 2015) 106,873.00
  Gorkha Karma Flight:(May 11,2015) 14,400.00
 Dhading 2nd Trip(May 12,2015) 16,820.00
 Gorkha(May 14, 2015) 28,905.00
 Dhading Trip 3(May 20, 2015) 609,833.00
 Ramechhap(May 23,2015) 2,113,444.00
 3Sisters Staff Relief Support (Rs15000x13) 195,000.00
 Kaski Earthquake Damage School Support  Project(Salyan School) 28,040.00
Kaski School Relief Fund( Educational, Game & Sports MateriMaterial)(Indian Embassy) 268,044.00
EWN Banner for Earthquake Relief 450
Kaski Shanti and staff 10968
Total Aid and Supplies 3,392,777.00
In-Kind Donation from EWN/3Sisters Adventures(Clothing) 40,000.00
Remaining budget 1,998,667.00  
















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