Girls Leadership Camp

EWN has successfully completed another 5 day GOAL Camp for 99 girls from Gogan Higher Secondary School, Lekhnath sub-municipality in the Kaski district.

During interviews about the impact of the Camp some of the participants responded:
· “We learned about peer pressure and violence. When faced by such situation we now know how to say NO and be safe. We learned about the helpline number and how to seek help from police.”
· “We were unable to speak to our family about menstruation, sexual education, abuse and violence during this camp we have built up confidence and now we are able to share and/or ask for help if needed.”
· “This camp was fun and practical. Whatever topic we discussed in class, we played games related to the topic, this was a new way of learning that will help us remember what we learned in class.”
· “We learned the difference between wants and needs. I learned that we need to focus on our needs.”

One of our GOAL facilitator stated,” many of the girls from this school had basic knowledge about violence, child rights, health and hygiene etc. From my experience the GOAL Camp gave students new information on some topics and clarified information on the topics that they already knew something about. Everyone participated and wanted to be involved despite the heat”. Asmita Gurung, EWN Goal Facilitator.















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