EWN’s Sports Coaching “Volleyball Camp”

EWN is excited to launch its first volleyball camp in Janapriya Higher Secondary School in Pokhara. 50 teenage girl graduates of the GOAL program have been selected from five government schools for this action-packed 5 days volleyball camp that takes place every Saturday from 7am to 10am.

Two years ago when EWN started the GOAL program these girls hardly played any sports; most of them were shy and apprehensive because they never had the opportunity to play sports before. They hardly dare to touch the ball, could not afford to buy proper sports uniform and were often discouraged to play because in Nepal good girls ‘don’t play sports’.

Today, it makes us proud and happy to see so many girls actively participating in sports. Not only do they improve their sports skills, they make new friends, learn to work as a team, and are active, disciplined and strong (mentally, physically and emotionally).

On the last day of the camp we will be having an inter-school volleyball competition.

Thanks to Cottier Donze Foundation from Switzerland for funding this camp.










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