Girls Against Aggression” (GAA)

13th Oct to 16th Oct 2015: EWN conducted 4 days pilot project called “Girls Against Aggression” (GAA) with 40 young girls at Hansa Bahini Higher Secondary School in Tanahua district of Nepal. This course is developed and funded by Women Win of the Netherlands.

According to the facilitators, most of the girls had some knowledge about violence and different types of violence. However, they did not consider teasing as violence which apparently was very common among girls. A few of the girls felt comfortable sharing their violence experience verbally with the class, but most of them felt more comfortable writing about it.

The topics covered included: “Being Confident Inside and Out,” “Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships,” “What’s Going On Around Me?,” “Assertive vs Aggressive,” “ I Speak About Gender Based Violence,” Popular Ploys and Profiles of an Attacker,” “ I am Resilient,” “ I am Proactive,” “ I Will Not Just Watch,” and “Breaking The Silence.”

Some of the action plans that the girls came up with after the training include:
• Working together with the Mothers Group for awareness rising regarding violence
• Developing posters of violence and placing them in their communities
• Performing skits to educate their peers in school about violence

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