Earthquake relief supplies distributed at Dolokha

It order to battle the cruel winters and bring some warmth to the remote earthquake affected districts of Nepal, Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN) and 3 Sisters Adventure team distributed supplies to 100 households across the Dolokha district including a warm blanket and a set of warm clothes for the children.
Shree Janaprabhat Secondary School, also in the Dolokha district, was badly damaged by last year’s earthquake. The school received essential classroom supplies, sports equipment and carpet so that the children could continue studies on the floor.
Secondly, EWN donated Nrs. 200,000 to Shree Chomalung Primary School of the Solukhumbu district, which is equivalent of approximately US$2000 for the reconstruction of the school.
Additionally, 115 households in Kavrepalanchowk district received warm blankets.
On behalf of the EWN team, I want to thank each donor who contributed financially to EWNs Earthquake Relief Effort. Thank you to all donors for bringing warmth, comfort and support into these people’s lives.
With gratitude,
EWN/3 Sisters Adventure Team

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