Baking Training Program

EWN organized Baking Training Program in coordination with Buddha Foundation Japan. The 3 days training program started on 23rd Nov, 2018 and ended on 25th Nov, 2018. The objective of the training is to engage young Nepalese women in income generating job. There were total of 7 trainees including one Board Secretary from EWN. The training was given by two teachers from Japan, Mr. Yuichi Amano and Mr. Fujio Nakagawa. Mr. Jagan Gurung played an important role as interpreter during the training period. On the first day of the training the teacher baked cookies and showed example of the cookies. On the second day, Secretariat of BFJ Kiyomi Yamada joined the training and the teachers and trainees baked the cookies together. On the 3rd day trainees baked the cookies by themselves on the supervision of the teachers. The trainees learned to bake Himalayan Snowball, Honikugen, Sabourey, and Pound cake.

We are very much grateful to the Buddha Foundation Japan for their partnership with us in empowering women. The trainees were very happy to be able to receive other kind of training besides adventure tourism.


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