“Community Change Project” GOAL Camp At Mahuwan-5, Parsa

EWN successfully implemented the four days “Community Change Project” GOAL Camp for 86 girls in Shree Nepal Rashtriya Secondary School, Mahuwan-5, in the Parsa district of Nepal.
We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our supporters who donated to EWN via Global Giving and to Mr. Manoj R. (social worker), the school Principal, teachers and staff members of Shree Nepal Rashtriya School for their invaluable assistance in the field.
“I learned a lot from GOAL Camp. I learned about violence, Early Child Marriage and human trafficking. These issues are prevalent to our communities. We learned how necessary it is to raise our voice to end such practices.” A participant
“We had great response from the students; they were actively engaged, excited, curious and attentive.” EWN facilitators
Photo credit: Mr. Bijen. M


Basic Homestay Training

On 17-19 Nov and 23-25 Nov, 2017 EWN successfully conducted three days Basic Homestay Training at Ghalel and Bhumdi, Kaski respectively. In terms to develop and promote community-based enterprise over the responsible tourism practices we provided these communities with Basic Homestay Training. The courses like Introduction to Tourists, Tourism, Homestay, Hospitality, Housekeeping, Personal and Environmental Hygiene, Financial Literacy, Basic English Class, Cooking Class were included in this training. This training course was funded by 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking (P) Ltd.

English class with Ana

Cooking class at Ghalel
Cooking class
English class
Group Photo with the President of EWN, Dicky Chhetri

Situation of Girls and Women in Nepal

Girls and women in Nepal, and especially those living in rural areas, continue to face discrimination and violence due to the patriarchal culture and their lack of knowledge and skills, psychological support, and economic opportunities.

In Part 3 of the Constitution of Nepal, under Fundamental Rights and Duties, Article 18 refers to the “Right to Equality”.  However, in practice this “right” is limited to the paper it is written on.

Despite significant efforts from the Government of Nepal (GoN), international agencies, non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations, Nepali girls and women continue to face major socio-economic discrimination.

“If a family has a chance of sending one of their children to a private school, it would almost certainly be a boy and not a girl.  Boys are encouraged to speak their minds and get higher education and skills for employment, while girls are told to be submissive and do what their parents, families or guardians want. As teenagers, young girls are told to think about their future marriage”, says one of our participants from Mugu.

According to an article by the State Department (Nepal 2016 Human Rights Report)  “Early and forced marriage, and rape and domestic violence against women, including dowry-related deaths, remains a serious problem.”

In an online article of My Republica, dated 24 October 2016, Ms. Bhagawati Ghimire (Acting Chairperson of the National Women’s Commission) states “Gender based violence is an increasing trend. It has been prevalent in society in the past and continues to thrive in the present day too.”   Furthermore she states, “Women are compelled to tolerate the domestic violence because they aren’t self dependent. Having no rights over parental property and lacking job opportunities, women are forced to endure the violence silently.”

At EWN girls and women are given ample opportunities to speak up against injustice, discrimination and violence. With various training courses girls and women not only gain knowledge and skills – they learn to be assertive, they recognize their inner strengths, they take charge of their own lives, and they lead by example.





Basic Female Trekking Guide Training Aug/Sep 2017

We congratulate 41 dedicated participants from 13 districts of Nepal who are participating in EWN’s Female Trekking Guide training.
Female trekking guides are still not regarded as a “decent” job for women in Nepal. These courageous young women are not only challenging themselves, but breaking gender barriers.
They are learning, growing, and working together in solidarity with one goal to take charge of their lives.
This training is financially supported by 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking (P) Ltd.

15th Annual General Meeting

16th July: EWN conducted its 15th Annual General Meeting(AGM) on Sunday 16th July, 2017 in  the presence of honorable chief guest Mrs. Pushpa Ghale Pahari ( newly elected member of Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan city Wards). The purpose of the meeting was to inform local government organizations, civil society, EWN advisors, Board Members and the general public about EWN’s annual activities and budget summary from July 2016 to 15th July 2017 and also to introduce the organizations budget plan for the year July 2017 to July 2018.

On the same meeting four scholarship granted students from EWN who secured good grades A and B+ in this year SEE result were also rewarded with prize.


Girls and Boys Leadership Program at Shree Rameshwori Secondary School

We have successfully completed GOAL “Be Yourself” session at Shree Rameshwori Secondary School in 7th July, 2017 with the help our three facilitators. We are immensely grateful to Cottier Donze Foundation for their financial support.