Children’s Home in Pokhara

In 2006, EWN established a Children’s Home in Pokhara. This is a shelter for young girls rescued from child labor or environments that threaten to put them into child labor, common amongst impoverished families. The mission of the Children’s Home is to provide educational opportunities, a safe environment and lots of love to socially disadvantaged children. EWN provides all of this in the hope that each girl can lead a dignified life in the future.

As of 2013, 16 girls aged from 6 to 17 live in the Home. The girls receive a scholarship to attend school until grade 10, have an after-school tutor, receive medical care, and are given accommodation and food. A home matron lives with the girls and ensures that they are well taken care of and receive healthy nourishment.

The Children’s Home also accommodates children of our staff members who are working during the trekking season.

EWN is seeking funding to rescue more young girls from child labor and to support the poorest of the poor with educational opportunities. We would like to be able to support those children who desire to continue higher education beyond grade 10.


EWN’s Children Home Video by Bruce Roberts:

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