Girls Leadership Training (GOAL)

Empowering Women of Nepal has been implementing the GOAL programme in Pokhara since June, 2013. Our goal is to empower and equip at-risk youths, especially girls, with valuable life skills as they deal with complex issues that are brought on by family, their peers and traditional Nepal society.

Girls from ages 12-17 will participate in this project for a total of nine months or less if customized.  An hour of life skills sessions followed by sports and other creative activities will be used to empower these young deserving girls.

Courses include:

Be Yourself –communication, peer pressure, learn to say No, conflict ladder, girls and boys, gender and work, who am I and what do I want to do.

Be Healthy – body image, menstruation, real beauty, hygiene, contraception, bodies, emotions and sexuality, living with HIV.

Be Empowered – violence, breaking the silence, environmental issues, wants and needs, know your rights, papers for life, mapping resources, trafficking girls.

Be Money Savvy – saving plans, managing money, challenges to savings, making a spending decision, the art of budgeting, ways to make money, skills vs quality, saving & borrowing wisely.

EWN is grateful to our Girls Leadership Program (GOAL) Donors!

Girl Leadership1

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