How can you help?

Come trekking!

Come for a trek in the Himalayas where you will experience the awesome landscape and friendly cultures with a trekking guide and/or assistant guide trained at EWN. This will not only give you the experience of a lifetime but it will also support the program by giving the women valuable field experience. Click here for our 2015-2016 calendar.


Help us help to change the world, one woman at a time. Your donation is very welcome and highly appreciated. EWN’s banking details are:

A/C # 01 0312363 01
Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited
Swift Code # SCBLNPKA
Lakeside Branch
Pokhara, Nepal

Are you living in Europe? Then it is easy and cost-efficient to transfer your donation to the STF Friends of EWN in the Netherlands. For Dutch citizens: your donation to this account is tax deductable. 100% of the donations on this account are transferred to the EWN account in Nepal. For more information contact Gera van Wijk at

IBAN NL97TRIO0784750408
Zeist, the Netherlands

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