Rock Climbing

EWN & 3 Sisters’ Rock Climbing training area is located just above Lakeside, Pokhara in Methlang village, Sarangkot. EWN trains women to become basic rock climbing instructors, or advanced climbers when they show a special interest and talent for it. Tourist visiting Pokhara are also able to join us for an afternoon of climbing.

The Rock Climbing area has 18 different routes, graded from 4c up to 6b. The highest point is 23 meters.  It is on private land rented by Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN) and entrance should be arranged at the EWN office.

For more information and bookings: 3_Sisters_Climbing_Rock

History of the Rock Climbing area in Pokhara

Harry Brand, a Dutch climber affiliated with the Dutch Climbing Association (NKBV) has created this area especially for EWN.
Learn more about rock climbing in our “Talk with the Creator and Constructor”. 
This has been made possible with the help of:
metolius_logo  KLIMWINKEL.NL    Sterling rope   Misty Mountain

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