“Time Well Shared” Art Competition 2020

EWN conducted 1 day” Time Well Shared “art competition for the local children age 4 to 16. They have been at home since more than 3 months so to boost their skills in drawing arts we organize this competition. Social distancing measures were followed, masks were given to wear, hand was sanitized and other resources needed in class were provided. They were excited to be part of this competition during this epidemic situation. 

Quarantine days

Hello everyone!!! How are you? We hope that you are all safe and healthy. As we all know that corona virus is spreading throughout world and also its spreading across our country, so we must stay at home and follow social distancing measure. Keep yourself and your family safe. Keep yourself healthy by doing exercise or yoga and eat healthy. Also spend quality time with your family and loved ones. Stay indoors. Enjoy quarantine days. Keep smiling.
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