‘Training of Trainers ~TOT’

EWN has successfully completed 7 days Training of Trainers on Girls Leadership Training ~GOAL to our four EWN staffs. We are thankful to our facilitators and would like to congratulate our participants for a successful training.

Special thanks to Cottier Donze Foundation for the generous support.

Facilitators: Anupa T. and Arati G.

Photo Credit: Arati G.

Wilderness First-Aid Training ~ First Batch

We successfully completed Wilderness First-Aid Training for our first batch that included total of 11 participants. We are very much thankful for our SOLO’s Wilderness First Aid instructor Mr. Hal Beck for sharing his valuable knowledge and experiences with our participants. As well, for filling the class with fun. Also, we would also like to thank Mr. Cecil Karki for assisting us and all our participants for participating actively during the training.
In the training the participants learnt about Patient Assessment System, Patient lifting and moving techniques, Splinting procedures, Spinal cord injury management, treatment of shock, build the human burrito for rewarming and protecting the patient from weather, prevention from frostbite and sunburns, bandaging skills and lastly CPR.

“20th Annual General Meeting and 8th Convention”

On 12 December, 2022 Empowering Women of Nepal ~EWN organized its 20th Annual General Meeting and 8th Convention. To enhance the beauty of the program, we welcomed the Secretary of Office of Chief Ministers and Council of Ministers – Mrs Manamaya Bhattarai Pangeni as our chief guest. In her speech, she comprised that the government and the organization could collaborate in the future for the betterment of the disadvantaged rural women.

Likewise, the welcome speech was delivered by the Founder and Director of EWN Ms. Lucky Karki. The host of the program was Mrs. Binita Baral the Secretary of EWN. In the end the program was concluded by Ms. Dicky Karki the President of EWN by conveying thankful notes to all the guests and participants.

With the unanimous decision from all the board members, the same committee was continued for the next two years.

Girls Leadership Training (GOAL)-2022

EWN has initiated girls leadership training in two public schools named Shree Ram Basic School and Shree Laxmi Secondary School with total no. of 85 young adolescent girls aged 12-18. The sessions are offered on a weekly basis, over the course of 9 months and follows four key modules: Be Yourself, Be Healthy, Be Empowered, and Be Money Savvy. The main objective of this program is to empower girls through life skills and sports skills.

43rd Basic Female Trekking Guide Training

We are glad to inform you all that the 43rd Basic Female Trekking Guide Training has been completed on 24th August, 2022. A five-week intensive training was started on 24th July with the training session of Ms Lucky Karki Chhetri. The training was attended by 30 trainees from 10 different districts of Nepal. During this entire training period, the trainee learned about Tourist and Tourism, Geography of World as well Nepal, Flora & Fauna, History of Nepal, Culture & Religion, Effective Communication, Empowerment, Environment, Leadership, Map reading, Duty & Responsibility of Trekking Guide, Basic Etiquette of a trekking Guide, Gender role & responsibilities, Finance, Back-pack, Geography, History, First Aid, Women Right, Women Health, HIV/AIDS and many more. Besides these, trainees also learned about basic and advanced English language.