Empowering Girls Leadership Camp

Nine team members from 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking & Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN) and one participant from Go Sports Nepal are getting ready to depart for the United States for an Exchange Program called “Empowering Girls Leadership Camp.”

In March 2016, 10 participants from Soccer without Borders from the United States travelled to Nepal. They observed and participated in EWN’s GOAL Program, were involved in a cultural exchange program, went on a 4 day Leadership Trek, engaged with a women’s group in Dhampus village, and organized a soccer clinic in Kathmandu for girls of Go Sports Nepal.

We hope this exchange will expand the horizons of our team members, foster lasting friendships, gain international perspective, provide opportunities for personal growth, self-development, learning and wisdom.

EWN is grateful to the U.S State Department for funding this program to Women Win for their continued support and to Soccer without Borders for hosting and organizing this exchange.

IMG_0025 IMG_0029IMG_0109 IMG_2384



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